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Logo Design

A logo is a symbol of your expertise and a well designed logo is your first marketing tool. It is necessary for the Logo Designing to be perfect and creative for websites. Our Experienced Logo designing team are the best at reasonable costs. Professional logo designers need to understand your requirements, so it is good to let your web design company do the logo designing for your websites.

We get logos created by professionals with considerable experience, skill, and qualification at less price. A sophisticated and professional logo is pivotal to build the brand identity of a business. Keeping your communication with our brand logo designers intact, our logo designers offer to design logos till you attain satisfaction on the logo delivering your objectives, vision, mission, business goals, etc.

  • Pictorial Marks (Symbol or Icon)
  • Monogram Logos (Letter Marks)
  • Water & Combination Mark
  • The Emblem
  • Flyer & Poster Design
  • 3D Angles
  • Double Sided Flyer Design
  • Stationary Materials

Logo Pricing Plans

Logo Process

We start our logo design process with research and a design brief. Research begins with a client interview, followed by a deep dive into their history, audience, competitors, products/services, and business goals. Once we have all of the details, we create a design and start brainstorming ideas on how best to represent their identity.

1. Order

Choose a logo design package and fill the logo design input form according to your business requirement. We are introducing an innovative and self-explanatory input form first time in the industry to receive the client’s creative briefs. This unique process will help them to submit their exact creative briefs easily and effectively. By seeing the international logo examples with description, you can select a logo type which you feel to be suit for your business.

2. Payment

As per the company policy, all job orders will be accepted on 50% advance payment of the actual order value. This is towards the man-hours work involved for designing and providing multiple options to your requirement. If this satisfies your expectation, the remaining work will be carried out and the product will be delivered once the remaining payment done.

3. Design Process

After receiving your creative brief, we will start creating your logo. We will make number of concepts (according to the package you have selected) which will meet your business requirements. It may take 7-10 working days. Once the logo design options were completed, we will send the proof.

4. Client’s Feedback

Once you receive our logo designing proof, you can selected a logo from the design options, and if you have any suggestions on the designs like changing font, color or you may wish to combine two or more concepts to get the desired result. All these you can brief in your feedback with your selected logo design.

5. Final Process

After receiving your feedback, we will finalize the selected design by modifying all the required changes which you have demanded. The final design proof will be sent for approval. Once we receive the final approval, we will send the final logo design file to meet all printing and publishing requirements.

6. Delivery

Once final design completed with requirement format, we will connect you to pay the remaining amount. We will deliver once amount paid.


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