Why Pay Monthly Website is best for small businesses?

Why Pay Monthly Website scheme is introduced?

We choose to pay monthly for our home, phone, car or maybe even our sofa, so why don’t we do the same for our website? Most businesses realise the importance of paying for a professional website to help them stand out and generate new sales and enquiries online. However,

Web design can come with large upfront fees which can be a financial burden on businesses, especially if you are just starting out small business. This is where pay monthly comes in, no large upfront fees, no hidden costs, just one fee that you pay each month.

'It's very difficult to pay upfront cost for small business to have a modern website. Through Pay Monthly Website plan anyone can have the any type of website. ....'

Bill Gates

What is Pay Monthly Website exactly?

Pay Monthly Websites are designed and hosted with a payment option of monthly installments (part of total cost). All or a few services which include website design, customization, domain registration, website hosting, support and maintenance, security updates, etc.. are offered to customers. It is the perfect way to afford a modern website without the upfront cost. Small Businesses, Budding Entrepreneurs, Sole Traders, New Business Start-Ups can reap the benefits of this payment option.

Here are a few reasons why a Pay Monthly Website is the perfect solution for your small business:

●  No large up-front cost
●  To get extra services to your website (like Domain, Logo or Hosting)
●  Offering daily maintenance support
● To update website continually throughout the year

  • Just because..

To save money is important to all small business owners. Having a professional website is also a must in our modern era. With a Pay Monthly Website, you will have both. You can have a beautiful, custom website with all the required functionality whilst also being very cost-effective.

We offer the same kind of affordable web design   however in a pay monthly website model, the key difference is although our prices are very reasonable all our design is bespoke.

If you’re ready to build your website and want to get started from scratch design, consider one of the plans at Monthly Pay Websites. We offer a range of Affordable website design in the world, so take a look and see what you fancy!